August 31, 2018

A Clean Sheet. Just Write

Long time readers know that activity here at has been sporadic at best the last couple of seasons.

That is partially because I lost steam. Trying to write player profiles of all 7500 or so former NHL players by myself is an impossible task. Plus efforts to secure this sites legacy fell apart about two seasons ago. I had high hopes this site would become a significant part of a major project. When it fell through for reasons I still do not understand, I lost a lot of interest in the project. I worked too hard for my big opportunity to appear and disappear just as quickly. I was devastated, there is no better word for it.

It is also partially because I have become more of a researcher than a writer. I have been digging for information for the Canadian Museum of History and publishers and so forth. Writing has been put on the backburner, partly because I wanted it there and partly because time just did not allow it. I have explored other pursuits, namely long distance running.

Every time I try to jump start my writing career again I feel uninspired and uncreative, as if forced to write player biographies. I love player biographies and hockey history, don't get me wrong. But I have more to say, more to share than just that.

With a new season upon us, the time seems just right to restart writing about hockey. And until I find my new niche in this busy landscape again, I need to just write. Just write about hockey. About whatever I feel like that day. Because I know good things will come.

So welcome to a new hockey season, and a new GreatestHockeyLegends. Like this fantastic Bauer hockey ad from the 1990s, this a clean sheet with a million possibilities.

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