May 18, 2018

What's In A Name?

When True North Sports and Entertainment purchased the Atlanta Thrashers and relocated them to Winnipeg, the company did not immediately re-name the team the Winnipeg Jets.

In fact, it took over a month for True North to announce the name.

Many believe the original intent was not to bring back the Jets at all, but to bring their other team's brand to the NHL. True North owned the Manitoba Moose of the American Hockey League.

True North chairman Mark Chipman said at the time that they were considering many names, and admitted to seriously looked incorporating the provincial name in the final unveiling.

Of course he will tell you that the Jets were the only real option. And he would ultimately be right, regardless of their original intentions. The fans came out in droves during that month of suspense and demanded the return of their beloved Jets.

Wisely, True North gave them exactly what they wanted.

Other than the Manitoba Moose, the Manitoba Jets and the Winnipeg Falcons - a nod to 1920 Olympic championship team - were said to be strongly considered.

I'm really not sure how True North was able to figure out all the legalities involved with using the Jets name. Look at their current opponents: The Vegas Golden Knights. Their name continues to be a controversy despite their success. They couldn't use Knights, or Black Knights, because of legal infringements. Even Golden Knights was being contested earlier this year by, of all people, the US Army's parachute team that goes by the same moniker.

I'm pretty sure the fans in both cities would be okay if it was the Manitoba Moose and Las Vegas Crazy Nights playing for the Stanley Cup right now.

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