October 07, 2016

The Future of Greatest Hockey Legends

This website has existed in various forms over the years - Hockey Over Time, Ice Legends, Legends of Hockey Network and Greatest Hockey Legends. It has been my way of sharing what I learn with the world. It is not just a hobby, but a passion - a labor of love. I have been working on it since I was five years old - long before there was an internet. There is nothing I love more than learning and sharing the stories of hockey players of yesterday.

Including international, female and National Hockey League players, I have profiled the lives, careers and stories of over 3000 hockey players. That spans every era and touches every corner of the hockey playing world.

That is a lot of work. 10623 blog entries. More than 21,000,000 combined page views.

In the last year or more I have been trying to secure the work's future. I wanted to ensure this work would be shared forever and, as unthinkable as it may be, even completed. I was in high level discussions with one of the most prominent hockey websites on the internet about accomplishing just that. 

After many months of being promised the earth and waiting and waiting and waiting and getting only sand, it is apparent that it just is not going to happen. I had hoped this announcement would be much different, much more celebratory. Instead I'm pretty sure they have downloaded all my work and are using it to create their own profiles. I'm pretty sure my work is not in the plans.

I am still very much open to exploring opportunities that would see my work preserved and completed. But, for the next little while anyway, I will be taking a break from writing player profiles. I'm a bit burned out and a bit burned by the whole experience.

That being said, there will still be fresh content on this website going forward. This site will continue to celebrate former players and their stories. There will be plenty of hockey history and hockey memories shared here. It will be a very busy place. I will also leave the 3000 plus player profiles up and accessible to everyone. Hey, 21,000,000 reads can't be wrong.

Enjoy the NHL's 100th season.