October 11, 2016

Melting Down The Cup?!

In 2009 this oddball story surfaced.

MarketWatch.com, part of the Wall Street Journal coverage of business news, ran a report suggesting the Pittsburgh Penguins could collect $7500 if they melted the Stanley Cup down.

Certified appraisers at Cash4Gold, America's #1 buyer of precious metals direct from the general public, have studied photographs of the famed 35-pound trophy. They estimate that it might contain as much as $7,500 worth of silver, assuming that the trophy is 100% silver.

Where this story originated from I am not sure. But it is an interesting segue to this story:

Here is a little piece of Stanley Cup history not everyone knows about. Legend has it that the Montreal Canadiens stole and then melted down a band from the original Stanley Cup.

At some point in time the band featuring the 1928-29 Boston Bruins Stanley Cup championship had gone missing. No one seemed to know anything about it's whereabouts until a clue came about in 1981.

Claude Mouton wrote in his 1981 book The Montreal Canadiens: A Hockey Dynasty that a keepsake trophy created in 1972 to honour retired coach Toe Blake was made in part with the silver of the original Stanley Cup!

No one connected with the Canadiens has ever admitted any knowledge or accuracy of the story, but the myth that is out there is the Habs hated the Bruins so much that they happily melted down this band to create Blake's special trophy.

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