December 10, 2015

1972 Summit Series Still Shaping Canada

Younger generations often (and justifiably) get tired of hearing about how the 1972 Canada-Russia Summit Series shaped the nation. After all it was 43 years ago.

Yet the series truly does continue to do just that. The latest example features a cartoon version of 1972 hero Phil Esposito in the new animated Christmas special The Curse of Clara: A Holiday Tale.

From the Toronto Sun:

The Curse of Clara is based on an autobiographical short story by Vickie Fagan. It's about a young ballet dancer who gets inspired by Esposito during the 1972 Summit Series between Canada and the Soviet Union.

Whenever Vickie needs a shot of courage as she tackles the role of Clara in The Nutcracker at the National Ballet School, Esposito appears in her imagination. But perhaps an actual meeting is in store, too, and the tables could be turned in terms of who's lending the helping hand.

Besides Esposito, other voice contributors to The Curse of Clara include Karen Kain, Bob Cole, Sheila McCarthy, Sara Botsford and Saara Chaudry.

Esposito, who was convinced to do voice over work for the cartoon by Denis Leary, says this is all part of a build up towards the 45th anniversary of the 1972 Summit Series come 2017.

The Curse of Clara: A Holiday Tale debuts on December 14th on CBC.

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mike wyman said...

Esposito? Phil Esposito? I saw him play and there was absolutely nothing balletic about him on the ice. Sooo many more likely skating muses for a young dancer to emulate.