September 11, 2015

Jimmy Creighton

This Jimmy Creighton should not be confused with James Creighton. That James Creighton was the man who organized the first ever indoor hockey game in Montreal in 1875 and thus standardizing the rules and game of hockey as we know it today.

This Jimmy Creighton played eleven games in the National Hockey League with the Detroit Falcons in 1931, scoring one goal and receiving one minor penalty. He was traded to the New York Americans in December 1931, but never played for them.

Around the same time as his NHL stint he was recovering from a fractured pelvis which cost him significant time in two different seasons. It would have been interesting to see how well he could have played in the NHL had he not suffered this serious injury.

After several seasons in the minor leagues Creighton worked as a referee before leaving the ice entirely. He became an insurance salesman before becoming involved in politics.

He was an alderman and two-time mayor of his hometown of Brandon, Manitoba. He also tried unsuccessfully to land a seat as a Liberal in both provincial and federal politcs.

Creighton passed away in 1990 at the age of 84. He had been in a nursing home for several years as he suffered from Parkinson's Disease.

Creighton's son Fred would be a NHL defenseman and coach.

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