March 05, 2015

Milk: Scott Stevens Secret, Claire Alexander's Job

Yes, that's a young Scott Stevens pitching milk.

The sad thing is he probably made more money for less than an hour's work for this promotional piece than old time hockey players made all off-season working real jobs.

Old time hockey players like Claire Alexander who once worked as a milkman. Yes kids, once upon a time milk was delivered right to your door. In glass bottles even. And if you lived in Orillia, Ontario maybe your milk was delivered by a member of the Toronto Maple Leafs!

Guys like Alexander had to hold down summer jobs to supplement their incomes back in those days. Unfortunately Orillia needed a milkman full time, so Alexander had to find other occupations. He was a window installer and a hockey school coach and eventually owned his own sporting goods store.

Here's the full Claire Alexander story, including how his daughter became one of Canada's top Olympians in a very different sport.

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