February 09, 2015

Marc Dufour

Long time minor leaguer Marc Dufour got into 14 games in the NHL in 1960s. He had 12 games over 2 separate seasons with the New York Rangers, scoring one goal. He later added two more games with the Los Angeles Kings.

Otherwise Dufour was a long time AHLer, most notably with the Springfield Kings and Baltimore Clippers. He was a good scorer at the AHL level.

Dufour had an interesting junior career. Even though he was from Trois Rivieres, Quebec, he played junior hockey in Guelph, Ontario and Brandon, Manitoba. He was also loaned to Edmonton for the Memorial Cup in 1962.

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Anonymous said...

Wasn't Guelph the junior affiliate of the Rangers back then? Rod Gilbert and Jean Ratelle both got their start in Guelph.