January 31, 2015

Steve Ludzik Wants To Change Hockey's Culture

From The Hockey News:

An NHL dressing room harbors a lot of secrets—some with good reason. But the environment also encourages players to remain silent on the physical and mental tolls of the game, something that Steve Ludzik wants to change.

The former Blackhawk player and Lightning coach was in Toronto Thursday for a speaking engagement, and he talked about some of the stigmas associated with hockey culture.

“You sit in a dressing room and the guys, if you have a good team, you’re a brother,” Ludzik said. “It’s not good enough to say, ‘I’m hurt.’ You get hurt some nights and you just play. That’s the mentality that you grow up with throughout your career. You’re pressured. But it’s just part of the code.”

Ludzik, 54, suffers from Parkinson’s. He attributed the disease to the many head injuries he suffered in his playing days and believes he’s not the only one that’s suffering post-retirement.

“I think you’re going to see Parkinson’s disease and neurological damage to a lot of players,” he said. It comes out later in life. Mine came out early.”

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