January 31, 2015

Al Arbour Battling Dementia, Too

You'll notice a lot of health related links on the website the last few days. Specifically regarding the brain. Not concussions directly, but long term complications that may or may not be related to "getting your bell rung" on the ice. Parkinson's. Dementia.

Add Al Arbour to the dementia list. The coaching legend was also quite the defenseman in his day.

According to Howard Berger and Sports Illustrated, Arbour is in good care and good spirits, though living anonymously in Florida. But he loves to get mail from hockey fans. Berger and SI are reaching out to fans to send Arbour a note.

Here is his mailing address is:

Al Arbour
The Pines (The Garden)
1501 N. Orange Ave.
Sarasota, FL 34246

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