November 26, 2014

Fascinating New Website For Hockey Researchers

Hockey Researcher/Author Morey Holzman has been studying hockey history for well over 20 years now. He is now putting much of his "1000s of loose materials" together on a fascinating year-by-year online hockey project called

Holzman has researched every game of the season, and posts his findings in the forms of official game sheets and as many newspaper archive pieces as he could find. The result is a simply amazing resource.

Take for example game 19 of the 1911-12 PCHA season. The Vancouver Millionaires defeat the New Westminster Royals by a score 10-6. That game was very historic, as Frank Patrick, one of hockey's earliest greats and most influential people, became the only major league defenseman to score 6 goals in one game!

Now if you knew your Frank Patrick history, you would undoubtedly know about the 6 goal game. But thanks to Holzman posting all the newspaper reports, we also learn Patrick almost did not play that game due to a serious eye injury suffered in the previous game. In fact he played the game against the advice of a physician.

That's the type of detail we can learn when we dig deep into the archives to search for hockey history. Thanks to Morey Holzman's countless hours of effort, these details are becoming that much easier to find.

Holzman has also set up a Dream Fund account so you can help financially support him in creating this resource.

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