May 13, 2014

Sidney Crosby's Biggest Game?

World Junior champion. NHL scoring champion. NHL most valuable player. Stanley Cup champion. Back-to-back Olympic champion. Canadian hockey hero.

Yes, Sidney Crosby is a player of destiny. And the bigger the game, the more likely he will strike.

Obviously Crosby has played in his fair share of 'big' games. But in some ways it could be argued that tonight's game 7 against the New York Rangers could be the biggest game of his career. Yes, it is only a 2nd round playoff match-up. But given the circumstances - Crosby's recent struggles and the apparent state of the entire Penguins franchise - the implications of a loss are fascinatingly immense.

The pressure on Sidney Crosby tonight will be immense. But never bet against Sid the Kid - especially in a big game.

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