May 14, 2014

Show Stopper: P.K. Subban

The most exciting man in hockey right now is P.K. Subban. He plays every shift as if it is his last, yet he is seemingly indefatigable. He is a combination of a swashbuckling gambler and a creative artist. The only thing that matches his creativity is his unbridled passion.

Put it all together and he is an intoxicating and fascinatingly rare hockey talent. For the emotionally invested he is either an amazing hero or the perfect villain. As such, how can a neutral observer not cheer for this guy? He is just too good of a story not to follow.

He is the most colourful hockey superstar in recent memory. And the fact that he is 'colored' is completely irrelevant. For those who insist on pointing that out, well, that probably says more about them than P.K.

Regardless of the outcome of Wednesday`s epic game 7 showdown between Montreal and Boston, P.K. Subban has arrived as a true hockey super star. The game of hockey is better off because of that.

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