April 01, 2014

Mike Richter's Greatest Save Still Ahead

Mike Richter was once one of the best goaltenders in all of hockey. But nowadays the former New York Rangers legend is making even bigger saves - such as the environment.

North Country News website does a good job of telling us Richter's fascinating career path since hanging up the blades:

After retiring from the NHL, Richter enrolled in Yale University, and received his degree in ethics, politics and economics, with a concentration in environmental policy. In 2007, he became a founding partner in Environmental Capital Partners, a $100 million private equity fund focusing on resource efficiency. 
Richter serves on the board of directors for Riverkeeper and the board of trustees for the Adirondack Nature Conservancy, as well as the national advisory council for the Sierra Club. He recently began collaborating with the Natural Resources Defense Council, in an effort to bring the best ecological practices to the sports industry. 
In addition, Richter launched Athletes for a Healthy Planet, an organization dedicated to fostering an understanding of the connections between environmental issues, human health, economy, social justice and well-being. In addition, he helped create the Aspen Institute's Sport and Society Program, and serves as the NHL Ambassador to Beyond Sport, a nongovernmental organization chaired by Tony Blair, which aims to use the power of athletics to promote social change. 
Richter was once said to be interested in running for US congress one day, and has been active in Democrat campaigns.

Here's a look back at the hockey career of Mike Richter

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