February 13, 2014

Russians Still Haunted by 1980 Miracle On Ice Loss

Frank Fitzpatrick of the Philadelphia Inquirer penned an excellent article on how Russian hockey is still very much haunted by the ghosts of the 1980 Miracle On Ice loss.

Russians remember 1980 and the stunning Olympic loss to the young Americans in Lake Placid the way Philadelphians of a certain age recall 1964. It's a hurt so deep it never really disappears.

Just Monday night, in fact, when Dimitry Chernyshenko, the head of the Sochi Organizing Committee, was addressing a group of visiting dignitaries, he referenced that game.

"As a child, there were three horror films that I knew from the West," he told the audience. "One was Nightmare on Elm Street. The second was Friday the 13th. And the third one was 'Miracle on Ice'."

Here's the full story.

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