February 16, 2014

Carey-ing The Load

Though he really wasn't challenged significantly, Carey Price got the win for Canada over Finland on Sunday. Final score 2-1.

That's the good news.

The bad news is the win came in overtime, thanks to Drew Doughty who scored both Canada's goals. Had Canada won the game in regulation time Canada would have been the top seed. As such they would have had two days off and their quarterfinals match would be against the winner of lowly Slovenia vs Austria.

As such, Canada finishes as the 3rd seed, behind Sweden and USA. Canada now plays on Wednesday against the winner of Switzerland vs. Latvia. The good news there is they don't have to play Russia, which Finland likely will have to do as a result of their loss today. The bad news for Canada - Latvia and especially Switzerland - the favorite to win that showdown - will bring more of the same that Finland did today. Canada will have to play patiently and will always be in danger of the close game. Especially against Switzerland, who have Jonas Hiller - arguably the best goalie in the world right now.

Should Canada continue to advance, they would then have to play the winner of USA vs Czechs/Slovaks winner. Wow! The other bracket would presumably seen Sweden play the winner of Finland/Russia. Double Wow!

We assume Canada will return with Carey Price. Despite not really being challenged yet he has gotten the job done. But what will Canada do for offense. Can they really keep scratching the reigning Art Ross (Martin St. Louis) and Norris (P.K. Subban) trophy champions?

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