January 21, 2014

Wayne Gretzky: Dodgers or Yankees?

Wayne Gretzky will tell you that when he was growing up in Brantford, Ontario he loved to play baseball every bit as much as he loved playing hockey.

So it comes as no surprise that Gretzky is a big baseball fan.

With the NHL Stadium Series upon us this weekend and with games being played outdoors at Dodgers Stadium in LA and Yankee Stadium in New York, I wanted to know which team would Gretzky cheer for the most: The Dodgers or the Yankees?

Let's turn to the photographic evidence of Wayne Gretzky's past.

Here is The Great One sporting a Dodgers uniform (and a headband!)

And here is Wayne Gretzky with Yankees fan (and tennis partner) Cheryl Tiegs.

We'll give the Dodgers the edge, but we could not pass up another opportunity to serve up the Cheryl Tiegs photo.

Of course, we Canadians will quickly point out #99's favorite baseball team may be a trick question. Here's Wayne Gretzky playing charity baseball game back in his Oilers days. Note Kevin Lowe in behind the umpire.

Of course Wayne's son Trevor signed with the Chicago Cubs organization. Here's a look at some more of hockey's ties with baseball.

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