December 09, 2013

Tim Horton Believed In Customer Service

Tim Horton was once one of the greatest defensmen to ever play in the National Hockey League. But his eternal legacy will always be that of his entrepreneurial spirit.

Horton, of course, founded the-now famous Tim Hortons donut and coffee shops that are found everywhere in Canada and increasingly in the United States. Horton, of course, died in a car accident in the early 1970s but his principles for success remain the foundation of the franchise's incredible success to this day.

Most notable of those principles was customer service. Horton was always big on customer satisfaction. He demanded it from his employees and expected it in return when he was the consumer.

Legend has it that he once had a dispute with a soft drink vending machine in a hotel that was eating his quarters but not surrendering his cola. He complained to the front desk but when no one arrived in good time to remedy the situation, Horton took things into his own big hands. Literally. Horton, famous as hockey's strongest man, was said to have picked up the bigger-than-a-fridge dispenser, put it into the elevator and delivered to the front desk himself!

Here's more on Tim Horton. I'll let you read that while I enjoy a double double and some TimBits.

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Lloyd Davis said...

Stupid machine, ate my quarter! I wanted orange or grape, and none of that stinkin' root beer!