November 05, 2013

Beach Bum Chris Chelios Welcomed Into Hockey Hall of Fame

From Yahoo! Sports Nicholas Cotsonika:

The never-ending career of Chris Chelios never should have begun. At age 17 he tried to walk on a startup college hockey program in San Diego, of all places. He had mononucleosis. He got cut. If he was a prospect at that point, it was for a beer-and-pizza league. He was working, going to school, bumming around the beach.

An excellent read on the life and career of Chris Chelios. At that point Chelios, thanks to a chance meeting on the beach, called a tier II team in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, told them he played defense (which he never had at that time), and got his chance.

He turned that chance into a Hall of Fame hockey career. It is an amazing story that is simply a must read.

Yahoo! Sports also offers a Q and A with Cheli. He talks about what he's doing now (a lot of time with his kids, working with some of the Red Wings kids, and some intense spin classes), the possibility of once again facing off with Gary Bettman, and hinting about a forthcoming book release.

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