June 15, 2013

Joel Lundqvist

In 2012  New York Rangers goaltending hero Henrik Lundqvist was named as one of People magazine's sexiest men alive.

But People did not give the same award to Lundqvist's brother Joel.

Not everyone realizes that Joel Lundqvist, a former Dallas Stars forward for 3 seasons, is the twin brother of goalie Henrik. Yet People magazine never made any mention of him. Things that make you go hmmm? 

Then again, Joel has always been pretty clean cut, unlike his grizzled face brother. And nobody, absolutely nobody, wears a suit as well as Henrik.

Joel wasn't nearly as successful at the NHL level as Henrik, either. Joel only scored 7 goals and 19 points in 134 games in Dallas (plus 4 goals and 9 points in 25 playoff games). He was a decent player who just never found that breakthrough in the NHL.

The gritty, hard working two-way forward clicked well with Toby Petersen and a young Loui Eriksson come playoff time, especially in 2008. He was an awkward-looking skater - an unusual trait for Swedish NHLers - but made up for it with desire and physical play. Offensively he had an underrated shot which he did not use often enough. He was best described as "an instinctive playmaker" who "rarely makes bad decisions."

Perhaps it was more by his own accord he left the NHL to return home. It is unfortunate because he was a quality NHL depth player who, in the right situation, could have developed into a quality NHL regular for a long time.

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