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June 18, 2013

Great Moments In Hockey History: Brett Hull's Controversial Stanley Cup Winning Goal

June 19th, 1999. It's the 1999 Stanley Cup finals! With 5:09 remaining in the third OT, Brett Hull, with his foot in the crease, scored the Cup-winner for Dallas.

A lot of people thought the goal illegal -- including plenty of Sabres. "Everybody is going to remember this as the Stanley Cup that was never won -- it was given away," said Joe Juneau. "The goal was not a legal goal. It's cheating, you know? It's not a loss. The game is not over, it's just not. They just decided to end it."

This was the season the NHL held a zero-tolerance stance on goaltender interference. Plenty of good goals were called back because of the slimmest of crease violations. Except this goal on Dominik Hasek.

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