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June 14, 2013

Gordie Hull?!

I recently spent a "daycation" at the Round Lake Resort near Smithers, BC, home of Dan Hamhuis and Watson brothers Joe and Jim.

The resort is a great place to get away to relax in cozy cabins and kayak or fish in the lake. Or, as we did, just hang out with the dogs on the docks. It is quiet and beautiful, just what was needed.

Inside the cabin we stayed in was a guest book. I always have to snoop through such things just for a bit. I like to see from where in the world other guests have travelled from.

It never fails to surprise me (but always frustrates my girlfriend) that I can find a hockey anecdote pretty much anywhere I go. Be it backcountry camping or visiting a ghost town or you name it or some town where you'd never expect hockey to be mentioned, somehow I can find a hockey story.

The very first page of the Round Lake Resort guestbook provided me with this trip's hockey story.

"Kevin," from parts unknown, had obviously engaged the resort owners in a conversation about hockey, because he left him this hockey related note:

"Thank you for allowing us to share in your peaceful cabin, also after talking to you last night about your son that plays hockey, Gordie Hull shared these words with me when I met him several years ago while in Detroit:

"Tell your son to never give up, work hard everyday."

These words he wrote in a note to my son. It was a great experience to have..

Met the "Great One" but his words have been encouraging to my son almost everyday.

Great story. But I wonder if Kevin is a bit of a storyteller. Who mixes up Gordie Howe and Bobby Hull?!

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