June 01, 2013

Gambling With Brad Maxwell

When your favorite team re-acquires a former player who just happened to be a right handed defenseman who scored 19 goals and 73 points while accumulating 225 penalty minutes with your team three seasons prior, you would have to think the move was a good gamble.

In the case of Lou Nanne of the Minnesota North Stars and the reacquiring of Brad Maxwell back in 1987, it certainly was. But according to The Hockey News "Backchecking" feature, it was literally a gamble.

At the 1987 trade deadline, Rangers GM Phil Esposito brought him to New York and Maxwell felt like he’d finally found a place to stick. But he only played nine games before being dealt again, though it wasn’t due to poor play.

Esposito and North Stars GM Lou Nanne were childhood friends and neighbors in Florida. The pair enjoyed playing the occasional game of chance, with some high stakes. “They were writing players’ names down on a piece of paper and gambling them,” Maxwell says. “Phil said he was gambling with Louie and he lost me in a card game. He said, ‘I lost you to one of your old bosses.’ I said, ‘Which old boss? I’ve had a few.’ ”

That’s how Maxwell was traded back to Minnesota, where he finished his career after 17 games.

Here's my full biography on Brad Maxwell.

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