June 01, 2013

Bill Dawe Passes Away

Bill Dawe, the speedy captain of the 1952 Olympic gold medal winning Edmonton Mercurys, passed away on May 20th.

The Edmonton Journal has a fantastic review of Dawe's hockey career and life. Here's a snippet.

Dawe’s son, Bill, said hockey provided his father with Olympic glory but more importantly gave him lifelong friends and business partners.

“What dad got most out of hockey was all the friends,” he said. “He played with five guys that ended up buying Waterloo Mercury. So from 1949, from when they became a team, and then 1950 with the Worlds, these guys were friends and business partners.

“He really didn’t talk too much about his hockey. He was very humble that way.”

Dawe did pass down a few memorable stories, including a one-day tryout with the Toronto Maple Leafs on his way home from one of the Mercs trips to Europe.

“On his way back from overseas, the Toronto Maple Leafs asked him to come for a tryout,” his son recalled. “And he went to one practice and said, ‘There’s no way I’m playing in this league, I’ll get killed.’ So that was short-lived.”

Here's the full Edmonton Journal feature.

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