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March 08, 2013

Women's Hockey Legends Featured

It is International Women's Day. To celebrate, I wanted to highlight the most under-used feature on this website - Women's Hockey Legends.

Admittedly I need to grow the women's section significantly. The fact that Geraldine Heaney has yet to be featured is almost as egregious as her exclusion from the Hockey Hall of Fame.

Here's a complete listing of what I have so far, divided by county:

Jennifer Botterill
Cassie Campbell
Delaney Collins
Judy Diduck
Danielle Goyette
Elizabeth Graham

Abby Hoffman
Angela James
Albertine Lapensee
Hilda Ranscombe
Manon Rheaume
Bobbie Rosenfeld
France St. Louis
Vicky Sunohara
Isobel Stanley

Karyn Bye-Dietz
Cammi Granato
Katie King
Karen Koch
Shelley Looney
Kathryn Waldo

Pia (Grengman) Sterner

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