March 31, 2013

Top Ten Stanley Cup Replicas

For Easter I got a miniature Stanley Cup made of Hershey's milk chocolate. Now here's my dilemma: Would it be sacrilege to eat my Stanley Cup? It is the dessert of champions, but I fear being left with a hollow feeling . . .

Here's a look at the Top Ten Stanley Cup Replicas:

The Stanley Cup Sandcastle:

The TastyKake Stanley Cup:

Wash that down with the Diet Pepsi Stanley Cup?

The Stanley Cup Christmas Tree:

The Stanley Cup made out of . . . ham?

The much classier Stanley Cup made out of pucks:

The Stanley Cup carved out of ice, naturally:

Nick Kypreos and friends unveil a Stanley Cup made of chocolate.

Nathan Horton lifts the classic aluminium foil Stanley Cup replica. More proof the Bruins really didn't win the Cup in 2011.

The best Stanley Cup replica: The one made out of Lego:

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