March 31, 2013

Top Ten: Hockey's Worst Teeth

With Sidney Crosby getting a new look thanks to a puck breaking his jaw, let's take a look at the worst (or is it best?) hockey teeth. 

#1. Bobby Clarke - Clarke's gap toothed menace is the (Chiclets) spitting image of what a rugged hockey player should look like.

#2. Matthew Barnaby - Not only did Matthew Barnaby lose his front chompers, but he replaced them with annoying silver fillings with Buffalo Sabres logos etched in them. Now that's a good dental plan.

#3. Duncan Keith - The Chicago Blackhawks defenseman lost 7 Chiclets in one play in the 2010 playoffs, but he won the Stanley Cup, the Olympic gold medal and the Norris Trophy. Those are pretty good things to think back upon while spending the summer in the dentist chair.

#4. Ken Daneyko - Do referees even understand what these toothless wonders are yelling at them?

#5. Dany Heatley - Dany Heatley has really embraced this silly look.

#6. Mike Ricci - Poor Mike Ricci. With his hair, nose and teeth, he could captain the NHL's all ugly team. He was a smart player though. Maybe that's because his only remaining teeth were his wisdom teeth! (Yes, I'm joking!)

#7. Teeder Kennedy - In a recent sale at, Teeder Kennedy's partial dental plate secured 29 bids before selling for over $1500. Kennedy is one of the game's true greats, but sadly the new generation will only know him for this auction item.

#8. Alex Ovechkin - The gap-toothed goal scoring machine may be the most dynamic player of his generation. Somehow his ugly look is downright charming. Mom was right. It's all about personality.

#9. Keith Tkachuk - "Big Walt" sure looks old without his teeth, doesn't he?

#10. Doug Favell - I'm guessing these missing teeth was a big reason why Doug Favell started wearing a goalie mask.

Hockey book fans - check out this old title I found called "Teeth."


Unknown said...

Honorable Mention: Ian Laperriere

RonNasty said...

I think Doug Favell donned the mask to hide his good looks.