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March 06, 2013

Brian Gionta: 20,000 Goal Scorer

Brian Gionta scored quite the milestone goal on Tuesday night. He scored the 20,000th goal in Montreal Canadiens history. No team has scored more goals in history.

Now there needs to be a bit of a clarification here. The goal was the 20,000th Habs goal in NHL history. The Montreal Canadiens, of course, pre-date the National Hockey League. The Habs go all the way back to 1909, 8 years before the NHL was formed. In those 8 years the Habs scored an additional 610 goals. So the team has actually scored 20,610 goals.

Michael Cammalleri scored the 20,000th goal in Montreal Canadiens team history back on December 28th, 2009.

So who scored the first goal in Montreal history? The great Newsy Lalonde did back in 1909. Another great, Joe Malone, scored the first goal in Montreal's NHL history.

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