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November 28, 2012

Ted Lindsay's Comments On NHL Lockout

James Murphy at ESPN.com interviewed NHLPA pioneer and Hockey Hall of Famer Ted Lindsay about his thoughts on the current NHL labour dispute. Among his many interesting points is his view on the players lack of respect for Gary Bettman.

 "One thing that really has bothered me when I'm reading the paper on all of this is the way they're talking about 'that idiot Bettman', or any of the other stupid adjectives they've used to describe him," said Lindsay, 87. "They and the fans and the media need to realize that Bettman is doing his job and fulfilling his responsibility to the owners, just like (NHLPA executive director) Don (Fehr) is to the players. The players need to respect and understand that. Don't go bad-mouthing Bettman like that."

Here's the full story including how he thinks Roman Hamrlik is absolutely right, and how "at this point it doesn't matter whether it's players or owners or who knows who is right and wrong. The damage they're both doing to hockey right now bothers me so much."

1 comment:

Hallwings said...

The players aren't the only ones who don't have any respect for Gary Bettman.

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