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November 29, 2012

Hometown Hockey Heroes: Wayne Gretzky, Brantford, Ontario

I think everybody knows Wayne Gretzky is from Brantford, Ontario. The only person more famous in Brantford is The Great One's father, Walter. Some guy named Alexander Graham Bell might ring a bell, too.

Did you know that there are 33 other NHL players to date who were born in Brantford? Combined all 33 scored 2,430 points in the National Hockey League. Gretzky had 2857 by himself.

The most famous hockey star from Brantford besides #99 was early star Bill Cook, a Hockey Hall of Famer with the New York Rangers. Some real old timers suggested Cook was the greatest right winger they ever saw, and they included both Rocket Richard and Gordie Howe in their assessment.

Other notable hockey players out of Brantford include Doug Jarvis, Keith Jones, Pat Hickey, Chris Gratton, Bryan Fogarty, Adam Henrique and goaltenders Jeff Reese and Greg Stefan.

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