October 16, 2012

Adam Brown: The Flying Scotsman

Born in Johnstone, Scotland but raised in Canada, Adam Brown was dubbed in hockey circles as "The Flying Scotsman." But hard hitting Hall of Fame defenseman Bill Gadsby always remembered Brown for the night he sent a Frenchman flying.

Here's the story, as told in Stan Fischler's Hockey Encyclopedia:
"Brown hit Montreal's little Norm Dussault about one-third of the way in from the boards. 'Dussaults stick flew into the crowd,' Gadsby said. 'So did one of his gloves. And the other glove flew about 30 feet down the ice. The best thing about it was the way Brown stood over him with his chest out, looking like Tarzan, and Dussault lying flat on the ice.'"

Brown play mainly with Detroit and Chicago in the 1940s. It's too bad that hit did not make it on the rare video feeds back then. It would be a YouTube hit nowadays for sure!

Brown, who also briefly played with Boston, was the father of Andy Brown, the last NHL goaltender to play without a mask. Brown also is the answer to a unique trivia question. On October 16th, 1946 he set up the first ever career goal by Gordie Howe.

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