August 31, 2012

Hockey Put Canada's Cold War Perceptions On Ice

From Roy MacSkimming at the Globe and Mail:

Paul Henderson’s iconic series-winning goal with 34 seconds remaining averted disaster. Meanwhile, something else had happened.

The crowds on both sides had become an integral part of the drama. In Vancouver, fans booed Canada’s loss, triggering Mr. Esposito’s passionate, sweat-drenched defence of his team. In Moscow, fans observed the stoic decorum decreed by their rulers, yet were astonished by the raucous contingent of Canadian visitors who blew trumpets and shouted opinions.

Millions of Russians and North Americans watched on television, getting a glimpse into each other’s society. We beheld the enemy face to face, and what we saw weren’t nuclear missiles but other human beings devoted to hockey.

Full Story. And FYI, Mr. MacSkimming's epic book Cold War: The Amazing Canada-Soviet Hockey Series of 1972 is now available on Kindle.

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