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July 26, 2012

Two Of A Kind: Hockey's Twins

Did you know that there have been five sets of twins play in the National Hockey League

The most famous twins are of course the Sedin twins, pictured to the right quite a few years ago. Daniel and Henrik look conjoined here in this photo.

Not everyone realizes that former Dallas forward Joel Lundqvist is the twin brother New York Rangers superstar goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

I remember a few years back Henrik was named by some magazine as one of the sexiest men in pro sports. Wouldn't Joel have to automatically be included, too?

The other three twins to play in the NHL are:

Chris and Peter Ferraro
Rich and Ron Sutter
Peter and Patrik Sundstrom (also of Sweden)

The American women's national team headlines twins Monique and Jocelyne Lamoureux. Also, the 1960 Olympics featured twin brothers Frantisek and Zdenek (Steve) Tikal play for completely different nations! Frantisek played for Czechoslovakia while Steve played for his adopted country of, believe it or not, Australia.

Anyway, I bring up hockey's twins because I wanted to publicly congratulate my brother and his wife for the arrival of their first children into the world this week. Twin boys for Uncle Joey to teach power play formations to.

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Tommy said...

Interesting about twins. Thanks!!

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