June 13, 2012

History Makes A Mess: Stanley Cup Parades

The Los Angeles Kings get to celebrate their Stanley Cup championship with the time honoured tradition of a parade.

Like everything, the parades and celebrations have sure changed over the years. Here's a look at the 1967 Stanley Cup parade when the Toronto Maple Leafs last won the Stanley Cup:

I left it far too late to dig up any information on the history of Stanley Cup parade. But if I ever find out which Stanley Cup champion was the first to have an official or even an impromptu Stanley Cup parade I will post it here.

I can confirm they go back at least to 1948, though likely go much further back than that.

Bonus: I don't know why exactly, but the simplicity of the New York Islanders 1983 Stanley Cup championship parade catches my eye:

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Anonymous said...

The parade instead of going downtown, seems to go on a kind of neighborhood !

I think Times Square was too crowded.