June 07, 2011

Bruins Maul Canucks - Game Four Looms Large

I had previously talked about Canucks fans becoming too confident after game 2. I count myself in that group for sure. Initially after securing the 2-0 lead it all felt surreal. I still had feelings of apprehension dominating me, but I thought that was wrong. I should be enjoying this more, so I made a conscious effort to allow myself to live in the moment more. About 10 minutes before puck drop for game 3, my apprehension returned. And now living in the moment hurts. A lot. And now apprehension is my friend again.

Here's some Pucks On The 'Net concerning game 3:
  • Does anyone else get the feeling that the winner of game 4 will be the eventual winner of the Stanley Cup?
  • I actually thought Vancouver played a really good opening period on the road. They survived a 5 minute power play (more on that later) and set the pace the rest of the period. Then, inexplicably, the Bruins got a couple of bounces to get a 2-0 lead. After Brad Marchand's highlight reel goal, it was simply an avalanche. 
  • I don't blame Roberto Luongo at all in this game. But you've got to figure any hopes of Luongo winning the Conn Smythe are dashed now.
  • Hey, this should not be a news flash Vancouver fans - the Bruins were going to get a win on home ice. Now the question is will they get a second win in a row? If so, a third and fourth win in the series is as likely for them as it is for Vancouver.
  • I hope those Green Men got back to their hotel alive.
  • In some ways such a bad beating is better than close loss. The Canucks usually respond very well in bounce back games. They will certainly be motivated to avenge this performance. Plus in theory it is easier to just dismiss it and just worry about game 4.
  • The hockey gods smiled on Boston in this game for sure. No one ever wants to see what happened to Nathan Horton. Whenever such bad injuries happen under controversial circumstances, the Hockey Gods usually ensure justice.
  • Aaron Rome's hit was late and arguably blind-sided. It's funny how times have changed. It was not that long ago that Scott Stevens made a living delivering hits exactly like that.
  • Will Rome be suspended? For all intents and purposes he already missed a game in the Stanley Cup final and his team was forced to play with just 5 d-men most of the night. Since there was no intention to hurt Horton, the NHL might say that is enough. I suspect he will get one more game, however.
  • Canucks fans may hope Rome is suspended as he may be the weakest link on the blue line. If he is, who comes in? I would not hold my breath for Dan Hamhuis' return. That would make Keith Ballard as the next likely candidate. If Ballard does draw in, does Chris Tanev also return, at the likely expense of Andrew Alberts? They've been a very good tandem all year.
  • What has happened to Vancouver's power play? With a couple of timely PP markers this is a totally different game. They need to get that going or they are in big trouble.
  • Tim Thomas was great in this game - stopping 40 of 41 shots and 1 very memorable hit. Henrik Sedin was going to score on that play. He is Vancouver's offensive catalyst, and he's pointless in 3 games against Boston so far. 
  • The Bruins recorded their first home victory in the Stanley Cup Final since May 21, 1978, a 4-3 overtime victory over the Montreal in Game 4 of the series. The Bruins broke a five-game home losing streak in the Final, having dropped Game 6 to Montreal in 1978, Game 3 to Edmonton in 1988 and Games 1, 2 and 5 to Edmonton in 1990.
  • This marks the sixth consecutive year that a team dropped the first two games of the Stanley Cup Final and won Game 3. Prior to the Bruins, Edmonton (2006), Ottawa (2007), Pittsburgh (2008 and 2009) and Philadelphia (2010) all won to avoid a 0-3 series deficit. It has been 13 years since one club won the first three games of the Stanley Cup Final -- in 1998, the Detroit Red Wings went on to sweep the Washington Capitals.
  • The home team has won each of the first three games in the 2011 Stanley Cup Final and improved to 14-2 in the Stanley Cup Final since 2009. The home team record in the Stanley Cup Final since 2006 (26-8, .765) is vastly superior to the home team record in all playoff games in that span (282-228, .553). Home teams have won the first three games for each of the past six Stanley Cup Finals since 2006.
  • Oddly, this 8-1 Bruins win was the worst Stanley Cup Final beating in exactly 15 years. Colorado smoked Florida 8-1 on June 6th, 1996.
  • Amazing stat of the night - Sami Salo was somehow +1 for the night.
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Anonymous said...

As a Vancouver fan can you objectively see how bad the refs have been?The penalty disparity is disgusting, especially tonight.

No team should EVER see 8 PP's in a game, let alone a game that is filled with scrums and after the whistle stuff. Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Only Aaron Rome came to Boston yesterday !? Canucks did not play and a 8-1 loss maybe could be destructive for Canucks.

I hope not !

Anonymous said...

Canucks had eight, Bruins had four. I'm not saying the referees did a great job, but I don't think the powerplay situation is indicative of a referee failure in this game.

The Bruins were obviously playing a more physical game, playing with a nasty edge and it seemed to work well for them. They took more penalties, but the way it looked to me, they were doing more to deserve the penalties. They were doing more of everything out there. Why wouldn't the refs call the penalties?

I don't get your complaint Anonymous, if the referees simply call them as they see them, why wouldn't one team get more power plays than the other team?

rocket9 said...

Canadiens fans here. What VAn is seeing is what MTL fans saw all year against the Bruins, they can face wash, slash with impunity and taunt at will. No penalties. Your team , on the other hand, will be killing off 5 on 3's for the same behaviour.

Van is the better team. You have the size and talent to beat these guys in 5 games. The Canadiens lack top end talent and have one true sniper in Cammy who is streaky.

Win Game 4 and this one will be a footnote in history. Hope you do but the team will have to keep its cool as the Bruins are quick with the goon tactics when things aren't going their way.