June 02, 2010

Hockey Card Company Owner Interested In Henderson's 1972 Jersey

When I first wondered if a hockey card company might be one of the well-financed bidders behind Paul Henderson's 1972 Summit Series jersey, I had no idea whether or not any of them actually were interested. It was pure speculation.

Late Tuesday night a very reliable source confirmed for me that In The Game owner Brian Price is indeed interested in acquiring Henderson's 1972 jersey. The company suggested he would want to add it to his personal collection, which is supposedly why any forthcoming bid for the item would by himself, not his company. In The Game is publicly saying that they are not interested in acquiring the famous jersey.

In 2000 Price and In The Game chopped up the only known set of Georges Vezina goalie pads and included the pieces in hockey cards. At this stage it would be pure speculation to suggest that any hockey card company would want to desecrate Henderson's jersey in such fashion, but it remains a possibility.

Henderson's game worn jersey from games 5 through 8 of the 1972 Summit Series is being auctioned off at Classic Auctions.net. The bidding is currently at over $144,000 with the auction closing on June 22nd.

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Captain Canuck said...

that's true. and remember this. Dr Price has a huge collection, and when/if ITG needs a certain piece, it "transfers" from Personal to ITG.

I hope this does not become the case.