June 02, 2010

Henderson Speaks Out On Jersey

With his jersey the most sought after piece in hockey collectibles history, Paul Henderson has finally spoken out regarding the future of his jersey.

Not surprisingly, he does want to see the jersey returned to Canada, and not in a private collection. He wants it accessible for all hockey fans to enjoy.

"I'm excited. I really really hope that it finds its home in Canada's Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary, that's my deep desire and wish," said Henderson, who scored the most iconic goal in Canadian hockey history to defeat the Russians in the 1972 Summit Series.

After scoring the famous goal Henderson gave the jersey to Team Canada equipment trainer Joe Sgro.

"I never thought that it would ever be sold. When I gave it to our trainer, if I thought he was going to get rid of it, I thought he would give it back to me."

Sgro sold the jersey to a collector, who in turn sold it to it's current owner. The jersey is now up for auction at Classic Auctions.net. The bidding is currently at over $144,000, and expected to more than double before the auction deadline of June 22nd.

Henderson is hoping Canada's new Sports Hall of Fame in Calgary gets the jersey because the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto has his other 1972 Summit Series jersey - the home red jersey worn in the games played in Canada.

"I think it belongs to Canada. It's a symbolic moment," Henderson said.

A Canadian museum like the new Sports Hall can purchase items with the federal government funding 50% of the cost through a special fund reserved for repatriating historic items, usually war related items.

Watch Roger Smith's CTV News report called Jersey Assist.

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