February 28, 2010

Canada Wins Gold!

Canada defeats the United States 3-2 in overtime. Sidney Crosby with the winning goal! Unbelievable!

Some random shots on the 'Net:
  • I have watched A LOT of hockey. I have never seen a better game than that. I'm sure if I thought about it there'd be a few in the running, namely the final game of 1972 and 1987. But this was their equal.
  • That was one hell of an American team. And this is just the beginning of the new generation of American players. The rise of American hockey dominance is here.
  • Full credit to Canada for getting the job done, though. Winning Olympic gold is such a hard thing to do. And on home ice! The pressure, the tension were just unreal. But Canada pulled through, against long odds.
  • Sad thing - these players will celebrate for a couple of hours, then fly back to their day jobs and may never be back together again.
  • What a chilling moment when they played the national anthem. I had many American friends tell me how amazing that was.
  • I personally had a tear in my eye when the Canadian flag went up. Two other great feelings: 1) my heart raced so much for three hours that I won't have to go hiking for exercise for a week! 2) it sure is nice get out my lucky socks. I haven't changed them in a week. But since they are 4-0, I will not wash them but put them away until the next big game.
  • When you are young the thought of losing never enters your mind. When you are old you brace yourself for disappointment. It is one of the tragedies of age. Before the Olympics I prepared a piece in case Canada stumbled. It was really, really good. I am happy to say I will never publish it!!
A final word on the Olympics on the whole:
  • The Olympics got off to a rough start, but what an amazing display of nation building. Canadians everywhere have been brought together. We learned a lot about ourselves. We experienced heartbreak and elation, but more than anything else we learned, or at least were reminded, just how great it is to be Canadian. It is a feeling I hope we can all hold on to.
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Anonymous said...

Great game. Canada deserved to win the gold.

vdkhanna said...

What a classic! I knew there would be some extra magic left in the bag with that Iginla-Crosby combo. The debates will predictably arise now as to whether Crosby's goal ranks as high in Canadian history as the Henderson goal from '72.

Personally, I can't say I'm happy with the outcome, but Zach Parise's clutch performance and dogged determination makes me proud to be an American (and a Devils fan!).

Silk said...

And Parise is from Canadian hockey blood you know! His father played for Canada in the '72 Summit and his father also coached some of the other Team USA players who attended Zach's school. I'm proud to see a great Canadian player raise a new generation of great players but wish he had stayed in Canada to do it of course! lol. Still nice to see Zach has Canadian hockey blood! :)

Dan said...

The americans won gold on home ice twice. That aside that was an amazing game and being american I am sad they switched the olympic format years ago. lol