July 21, 2009

NHL Twins

In our continuing look at brothers in hockey, today we take a look at NHL twins.

The most famous twins are of course the Sedin twins, pictured to the right quite a few years ago. They look conjoined here in this photo.

But the Sedins are actually one of five set of twins to play in the NHL. In fact, there is another set of identical twins in the NHL right now, and they are also from Sweden.

That's right. Not everyone realizes that Dallas forward Joel Lundqvist is the twin brother New York Rangers superstar goalie Henrik Lundqvist.

I remember a few years back Henrik was named by some magazine as one of the sexiest men in pro sports. Wouldn't Joel have to automatically be included, too?

The other three twins to play in the NHL are:

Chris and Peter Ferraro
Rich and Ron Sutter
Peter and Patrik Sundstrom (also of Sweden)

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Unknown said...

I was wrong last week when I said the Cullens, Brian&Barry, were twins.Turns out they're approx 16 months apart.I had thought, for many years, they were twins.My bad.