May 27, 2009

Helm Wins Game, Breaks Record With Assist From GHL

Darren Helm scored the overtime goal to advance the Detroit Red Wings to the Stanley Cup finals.

Greatest Hockey gets the assist.

In a beautiful piece of intermission foreshadowing, CBC's Jeff Marek was championing Darren Helm as a possible OT hero for Detroit. In doing so he highlighted Greatest Hockey for my piece comparing Darren Helm and Eddie Mazur. Each player had scored a record 4 career playoff goals before scoring a goal in the regular season.

Moments later Helm scored to give the Wings a 2-1 win.

Helm now holds the record alone as that was his 5th career Stanley Cup playoff goal . . . and counting.

Helm will be looking to earn his second Stanley Cup championship ring and amazingly he is still eligible for the Calder Trophy as rookie of the year next season.

Helm's Red Wings will of course have to defend their title against the Pittsburgh Penguins in a rematch. Game one is Saturday night at 7:30 EST. I will have my finals predictions by Saturday morning. Stay tuned!


Captain Canuck said...

saw your blog on HNC... kinda sat up and said to myself, "Hey! I know that blog..."

very cool. congrats

Jesse Oh said...

I have to admit Joe, you have by far the most interesting, novel, nostalgic, and plain excellent hockey blog on the internet.
You truly are a student and historian of the game. Your passion for it really shows. Keep it up man.