April 23, 2008

Pete Babando


April 23, 1950 - In the first Game Seven overtime in Final history, left winger Pete Babando, assisted by center George Gee at 8:31 of the second overtime period, gave the Detroit Red Wings a 4-3 win and the 1950 Stanley Cup title. Four years later, another Detroit left winger, Tony Leswick, repeated Babando’s overtime feat in Game Seven of the 1954 Final. Since then, no player has scored the Cup-winning goal in overtime in the seventh and deciding game of the Final.

Leswick and Babando in particular, will always be remembered for one playoff goal. Here's a few others:

Bob Baun - Bob Baun will forever be remembered for just one goal - he scored a playoff over time goal on a broken leg.

Mud Bruneteau - A very good hockey player, Mud Bruneteau's career is overshadowed by a single goal he scored. It was the game winning goal in the longest game in NHL history.

"Sudden Death" Mel Hill - Mel Hill became immortalized in NHL playoff history when he scored three overtime winning goals in the same series against the Rangers back in 1939.

Bob Nystrom - Best remembered for his Stanley Cup winning goal in 1980, the hard hitting Bob Nystrom was a very important piece of the Islanders early 1980s dynasty.

Daryl Evans - Daryl Evans capped the most unlikely of playoff comebacks, leading the Kings to a 1982 upset of Wayne Gretzky's Edmonton Oilers in what is now known as the Miracle on Manchester.

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