April 23, 2008

The Ballad Of The Whiskey Robber

With no games tonight, I thought I'd take a look at great hockey book. Well, sort of it is a hockey book. It is undoubtedly great though. So good that it is soon-to-be a big budget Hollywood production, very possibly starring Johnny Depp.

Ballad of the Whiskey Robber: A True Story of Bank Heists, Ice Hockey, and Broken Hearts was the literary debut for writer Julian Rubinstein, an acclaimed sports journalist. It went on to be one of the most acclaimed books of 2004.

It is almost easy to forget that this is a non-fiction book. Attila Ambrus' real life story is so outrageous and comical that it is almost tough to believe this is all really happened.

Ambrus is a terrible goalie with a huge love for hockey, but turns into "The Whiskey Robber," the most charismatic and even heroic bank robber in all of Europe.

Read the full book review at Hockey Book Reviews.com

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