April 18, 2008

Nothing Quite Like Long Overtimes

On Thursday night we saw our first multiple overtime game of the 2008 Stanley Cup playoffs. The Philadelphia Flyers edged the Washington Capitals in double overtime. That was a spectacular game, with both teams going full tilt right from the opening face though to the sudden death goal. Hockey doesn't get much more entertaining than that. I did not want that game to end.

Today marks the 21st anniversary of the famous Pat Lafontaine quadruple overtime game. Lafontaine scored the dramatic game-winning goal at 8:42 of the fourth overtime period in Game Seven of the Patrick Division Semifinal versus, you guessed it, Washington.

For all that Lafontaine accomplished in the rest of his career, this probably remains as his identifying legacy. Probably the same could be said for Washington netminder Bob Mason.

Yes, extra time is extra special time. Although marathon games are probably a little more bearable for me since I'm on the west coast.

I think the best thing about these long overtimes is the fact there is no commercial breaks in overtime. The game just flows better. The tension builds. The only downtime is the brief pause after an official stops play with his whistle. Is there anything better for a hockey fan?

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