March 02, 2008

George Morrison: A Real Hot Dog

This is George Morrison. He's hardly a legend of hockey. He played 115 games over 2 NHL seasons with the St. Louis Blues, scoring 17 career goals. He had a lot more luck with the University of Denver, winning the NCAA championship in 1969, and in the WHA, where he scored 123 goals over 5 nice campaigns in the 1970s.

While he isn't a hockey legend per se, he is the focal point of a legendary story involving himself, Scotty Bowman and hot dog.

During the 1970-71 the Blues were in Los Angeles playing the Kings. It was the dying minutes of the game and Morrison still had not seen the ice all game.

He finally gave up all hope that coach Scotty Bowman was going to use him that night, so he decided to get himself a snack. He convinced an arena usher to bring him a hot dog and a soft drink.

Waiting for the coach to be watching the play in the opposite direction, Morrison would sneak a couple of bites before, much to his surprise, Bowman called his name. "Morrison! Get out there and kill that penalty."

Not wanting to get caught pulling this stunt, the startled Morrison slipped the hot dog down the cuff of his glove and leaped onto the ice.

In the midst of a fierce battle for the puck, Morrison was jolted and the hot dog flew high into the air, mustard and relish flying in all directions!

"I never did find out if Scotty knew it was me who had the hot dog in my glove," he recalled. "But I'm sure he suspected it was me. He must have, because it was a long time before he played me again."

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