December 06, 2007

Greatest Hockey 2007 Hockey Blogging Awards

It's December, and almost time for all those year end awards. I thought I'd get a jump on the competition with my personal choices for the best blogs hockey.

Blogger of the Year Award
1. Spector
2. James Mirtle
3. Greg Wyshynski

Best Blog Post of the Year Award
1. Greg Wyshynski - Unmasked & Anonymous: Answering Ethical Questions About A Blogger Named Eklund
2. Eyes on The Prize - Koivu Undeserving of Language Nonsense
3. James Mirtle - A (Recent) History Of Goaltending

Best Continuing Coverage Award
1. NHL Tournament of Logos - Speculating and tracking the new NHL logos and jerseys
2. On The Forecheck - Nashville Predators ownership rollercoaster
3. James Mirtle - The NHLPA leadership saga

Funniest Post of the Year Award
1. Orland Kurtenblog - Orland Kurtenblog Travel Guide To Edmonton
2. Mike Chen - Halloween Costumes
3. Jason Botchford - $25 Tomatoes

Legend of Hockey Blogging Award
1. Paul Kukla
2. Spector
3. Eklund

Greatest Hockey's Best History Blog Award
1. Eyes On The Prize
2. Lowetide
3. Hockey Adventure


Chris said...

Hey, I won an award! Thanks Joe!

Lowetide said...

I'm in the coolest category. :-)

I am honored to be on this list.