December 07, 2007

Czech Legend Robert Reichel

While most NHL-only fans won't believe this, there is a significant portion of the hockey loving population that believes Robert Reichel is one of the greatest legends in hockey history. Beyond that they worship him as a decorated hockey warrior and leader.

Don't laugh.

Robert Reichel
the NHLer may be remembered by history, assuming he is at all, as a supremely talented but classic underachiever who was usually disinterested unless it was payday.

But Robert Reichel the international player is an absolute legend in his native Czech Republic where he is among the all time hockey greats. FULL STORY

Also new to my international section are Canada's Chris Fridfinnson, Sweden's Einar Svensson, and Italy's Mike Rosati.


vdkhanna said... said don't laugh, but I couldn't help myself.......Robert Reichel worshipped???

JJ said...

Hahaha??? In Czech Republic is Robert Reichel really regarded as legend. Forget his last 3 seasons in Toronto. His junior, international and czech league careers are exceptional.