August 31, 2007

Darryl Sly dead at age 68

Sad news from the Barrie Examiner:

Whether on the ice, behind the bench, or behind the desk at his car dealership, Darryl Sly was driven to succeed - and motivated those around him to do the same.

Sly died on Tuesday. He was 68.

In all, with his forays in the AHL, and the OHA senior league, the Olympics and the world championships, both as a player and a coach, Sly was part of 14 championship teams.

"I think that will be what stands out; some may think his legacy is in coming back to Collingwood as a successful businessman, but his legacy is unique in that he amassed 14 championships in his life," said Brown. "His accomplishments are pretty vast, and the one thing that remained consistent was his dedication to winning.

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Update: Sept 1st: Former Red Wing Billy McNeill dies at age 71.

Update: Sept 2nd: Alvin "Buck" Jones Dies at 90

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