Ron Wilson Shunned Gordie Howe

On opening day of the Detroit Red Wings/San Jose Sharks series, the San Jose Mercury News has a funny story about a young Ron Wilson and his dislike of Gordie Howe:

Sharks Coach Ron Wilson was telling the story of how he once refused to sit on Gordie Howe's lap. Back in 1964 when Wilson was in grade school, he visited Detroit's locker room. His dad and uncle were both former Red Wings and friends of the legendary Howe.
Trouble is, Little Ronnie was a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. By definition, that meant he could not allow Howe to fuss over him.
"I remember he tried to give me a Pepsi and I wouldn't take it," Wilson said. "I was a Maple Leafs guy, a Dave Keon guy, not a Gordie Howe guy. I got off his knee as fast as I could."