January 21, 2016

1979 Challenge Cup and Rendez Vous '87

In the opinion of this international hockey junkie, the two best All Star breaks didn't feature an All Star game at all. In 1979 the NHL All Stars played a three game series against the Soviet National team in a "showdown of the century" called the 1979 Challenge Cup. In 1987 they did the same in a two game extravaganza known as Rendez Vous '87.

Seeing as this is a hockey history website, I have featured each of these two tournaments significantly for the upcoming All Star festivities. Features include video footage, original articles and personal memories. Just click on the following links: 1979 Challenge Cup and Rendez Vous '87.


Anonymous said...

I got a question, in your stats of USSR, Semenov played only 1 game and scored 1 goal, but then you have the two scoring summaries that he played and scored twice. What is the correct information? Did he play 1 game and score 1 goal or did he play two games and scored 2 goals? If he did then USSR would have dressed too many men to play.

Anonymous said...

Well, so the Soviets won Rendez Vous -87, with the aggregate score of 8-7. Nice!