September 06, 2020

Round Three

Round two of the Stanley Cup playoffs are over and, just like that, round three is beginning. Talk about no rest for the wicked. I better get my picks in. 

Before we go on to my third round predictions, let's review how I'm faring in the first two rounds. And of course I suggest this because, if I may say so myself, I am faring very well.

After getting six of the opening eight series correctly, I was a perfect four for four in round two. That makes me ten for twelve. 

So who do I like in round three?

Starting in the east, I'm going to with Tampa Bay. The Islanders play that suffocating defensive hockey that is so effective in the playoffs. So effective that you are almost convinced to take them. But the Lightning have so much talent, and are on a mission after last year's missteps, so I am going to take the Lightning. And in no way do I feel confident about that.

In the west Las Vegas was my pick from the beginning, but they have shown some weaknesses. That very much includes their own arrogance. That soured me, but again it is effective this time of year for sure, and even needed to some degree. Dallas is a team that I continue to not give enough credit to, even though I picked them to upset Colorado. I don't think Dallas will pull off another upset.

A Las Vegas vs Tampa Bay final? I don't think that would have shocked anyone at the beginning of the season. I don't think too many people would have picked the Islanders vs. the Stars. 

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